A mobile app for enforcers to validate parking transactions. Parking is monitored by using license plate readers and handheld devices.

JomForce Mobile Equipment for Enforcement Operations

Enforcers will be able to identify and track the parking session of the users’ license plate number and eliminates the use of stickers, receipts on windshields or parking tags. Our online reporting helps the councils manage and plan their operations more feasible.

Customable Devices

Mobile devices are customable and tailored to the enforcement work process.

Android Based

It's great to use because it uses an Android-based operating system and is only paired with one JomForce app only.

Double Protection

It's rugged as it's fitted with a special case that protects the device.

Big Capacity

The battery size is large and can last up to 12 hours (5580 mAh). It's also dustproof and waterproof.

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